The Raven
The Raven
The Raven
The Raven
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The Raven

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The Raven features 10U of 19" rack space (6U on the bottom case, 4U on the top) and a patented sliding mixer shelf perfect for a Sound Devices CL-16, Zaxcom Mix 16, or Aaton Cantaress.  

Roll on all 4 wheels or tilt it back like a hand truck for rough terrain. All Blackbird Carts can be laid back and loaded into any SUV, pickup truck, or many other vehicles.

The Raven:

1 boom pole holder, 1 C-Stand/Antenna Clamp Kits, 16" Pneumatic ABS Rear Wheels, 4" Locking Front Caster Wheels, Cup Holder


The Raven: Murdered Out

2 boom pole holders, 2 C-Stand/Antenna Clamp Kits, 16" Pneumatic Aluminum Alloy Rear Wheels, 4" Locking Front Caster Wheels, 1 set of Utility Straps, 4 point tie down rings for audio bag/kit, Cup Holder. 


Upgrade any cart's front wheels to 6" Smooth Rolling and Locking Swivel Caster Wheels for only $185. The set includes two wheels, mounting hardware, and leveling kit.


45.5" x 27" x  21" (HxWxD) (width is at outer edge of rear axle)

65 pounds

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